Enterprise identity
in a smartphone

Store all employee credentials from different accounts in a smartphone and login everywhere by scanning QR-code.
Adds biometrics security to all accounts
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Use Cores to:

Increase security level
Secure by design:

– No passwords — 81% of breaches caused by weak or stolen passwords [1].
– Credentials protected by biometrics — always 2FA.
– No user data sent to the browser — reduce risk of attack by malware in npm packages [2].
– No sensitive data leaves the phone.
Reduce costs
No need to remember and reset passwords every month.

50% of all IT help desk calls are for password resets. Each password reset costs around $70 which leads to $1M yearly costs for large organisations [3][4].
Save time
Simply scan QR code with your smartphone instead of typing in passwords.

The average employee types out credentials to authenticate to their websites and apps 154 times per month [5] and spends 21 hours each year on password resets.
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Identity and access management
Cores is a complete IAM solution for enterprise which provides:

— web login using OAuth and OIDC protocols;
— integration with Active Directory and Windows 10 login;
— integration with LDAP.
    Custom iOS and Android apps
    We provide mobile wallet apps which can be customized to your company style-guides or can be plugged into your existing mobile app as SDK.
    Restore credentials
    But what should users do in case of phone loss? First of all, we provide a way to revoke access.

    Secondly, we provide a complex solution to restore credentials:

    — synchronization with a second device, laptop, company server, or colleagues phone;
    — manual restoration process in the office if your company needs the highest level of security by verifying user identity in person.
    Remote logout
    Users can kill active sessions from the mobile app. This feature is very useful if you forgot to lock the screen or forgot to log off after working on another person's PC.
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